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Our Company

  • 3BRO Ltd is an independent trading firm, which specializes in the acquisition and sale of electrical, industrial and mechanical products.
  • We collaborate with more than 50 reputable manufacturers and have versatile expertise and experience in many different application areas. This sound knowledge enables us to provide comprehensive and custom made customer service.
  • 3BRO Ltd operates effectively within today’s challenging environment as a specialist company for the acquisition and sale of all kind of electrical components. We set the standard with our technologically advanced products of acknowledged quality and competitive differentiation.

Customer Orientation

  • We establish partnerships instead of customer – supplier relationships
  • We provide quick and accurate solutions to our partners around the world guaranteeing secure delivery through our international partnerships
  • We collaborate with our partners on a long term basis supporting them throughout the engagement stages from budget / technical preparation to secure on time delivery on-site
  • We offer first-class quality, competitive prices and excellent service


We aim to increase our market share through enrichment of existing products, simplification of processes and entry into new markets

Social Responsibility

We embrace in our business model the company’s compliance with ethical standards and international norms, considering our moral responsibility in the market. Our objective is to safeguard our valuable reputation in the market